Chapter 6 – Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys.

“Hey babe!” Tina rounds the corner and walks into the bathroom struggling to get one of her longer earrings in. “Are you ready?”

I look in the mirror and wipe the lipstick from the corners of my mouth. “Yeah.” I turn to her to see her still struggling and point to her earring. “You?”

She squints her eyes at me and I chuckle as I take the earring and help situate it in her delicate lobe. It feels so familiar and painfully sweet that I could almost weep. I stroke the delicate skin of her ear and lean down to kiss it. The caress is so gentle it tickles her and she giggles. I lean back and smile as I look into her hazel eyes, and she smiles with that beautifully raised eyebrow. She knows what I’m thinking; I can see it in her glassy depths as she lifts her arms and links them around my neck.

Her smile is as warm as it is sensual and she says, “Now that you’ve got all these wonderful clothes on, I’m tempted to remove them.” I smile lasciviously and she leans up to press her full lips to mine. I’m glad she’s in good spirits. We argued over another set of donors at dinner and I’m beginning to think finding the right one isn’t going to happen within Tina’s urgent timeframe. It’s been a struggle not to let these little spats ruin the evening, but tonight it’s most definitely not ruined.

The kiss turns a bit ravenous and I’m tempted to blow off the party as well. We haven’t made love for several days because of the arguing in bed and the extra presence in the house. Having a baby is only going to further strip that away and I’m determined to make sure that we don’t get back to that place where we’re not making love for months at a time. It’s important to stay intimate. I see that now.

She strokes down my arm and for a moment I think she’s seriously considering canceling on Shane. If she touches…okay, we’re not going. I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her deeply. She tangles her hands in the hair at my neck and moans as I pull her tongue into my mouth. I start to walk our entwined bodies to the bed and there’s a knock at the door. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Tina tries to stop our momentum but it was a frail attempt at best. I just don’t think her heart was in it as I reach my hand under the flowing blue fabric of her dress and massage her through her lingerie. The knock sounds again and she grabs my forearm, breaks the kiss, clears her throat, and breathlessly says, “Um…yes?”

“I uh…I just wanted to let you know that I’m walking over to Shane’s now. I wasn’t sure if you had already left…” There’s a hesitant pause and then a, “…sorry,” before we hear Malcolm’s footsteps get further away. I look to the ceiling in exasperation and Tina starts to laugh.

She grabs my hand and starts to pull me towards the balcony stairs. I sigh and follow without complaint. If I can’t get her naked now, she will be naked later. We walk down the stairs and past the pool through the gate to Shane’s house. It’s roughly eight-thirty and the party is already in full swing. There are girls everywhere; I know only a few from Lez Girls or random happenings at Shane’s, and they’re all mostly young. There are strings of lights littering the backyard and it’s the perfect atmosphere for drunken fondling, which would explain some of the tableau’s taking place in the darker corners.

We walk through the open backdoor and run right into Kelly. Fuck… She smiles brightly and hugs me like we’re old friends. This sneaky little cunt got an invite somehow, fucking wonderful. I don’t hug her back but push her off of me a little roughly. Tina notices but doesn’t say anything as she eyes me with a raised eyebrow.

Malcolm comes rushing up to us only to see Kelly, turn, and rush away. Apparently he tried to warn me. “Bette! It’s so, so good to see you!” She steps back and eyes me lasciviously. “You look good enough to eat.” I sneer at her, in a delicate and sophisticated way mind you, just as Sam walks up to us, laying her arm around Kelly’s waist.

She smiles warmly and I could roll my eyes. Sam’s been so genuinely repentant and naïve that she doesn’t even see what she’s gotten herself into, and frankly, I could puke. I almost miss the bitch that I could tolerantly avoid for the most part. Sigh, at least she’s trying to be human.

Tina’s been watching all of this play out and does something new and unexpected. She puts her arm around me and starts to caress my forearm. She looks to Kelly and smiles as she says, “Doesn’t she?” She leans in close to Kelly. “Just between you and me…she tastes as good as she looks.”

I have to cover my mouth at the shock and hilarity of it. My opinion of my wife was, is, astronomical, but somehow, it just went up another few thousand notches. I almost lose it when I finally focus on Kelly’s face but my joy then turns to worry. She not only looks angry, she looks loquacious. I step in and smile at Kelly. “Well, seeing you was…unexpected. We’re going to go enjoy ourselves now.”

I give her a warning look as I pull Tina further into the kitchen to see a girl run away from Alice and Shane who are sitting up on top of the stove eating from a large pan of brownies. Shane bounces the brownie in her hand on top of the others in the pan and the two of them start to laugh so hard they almost fall off. I turn to Tina who shrugs and we both laugh as we make our way to get something to drink.

We see coolers and tubs full of cans and bottles, as well as small glasses of wine on the table in the dining room. Carmen is perched over her turn tables in the corner and looks up, her headphones half on, half off, before waving and smiling brightly. She hits a button and a new song starts before she bounds up to us and hugs us each in turn. She turns and fishes three beers from one of the coolers and hands them to us with a delighted smile. She grabs our empty hands and pulls us towards Shane and the rest of our group circled around the table in the kitchen preparing to take shots.

My stomach protests at the sight given the last time I partook, but as they all turn and chorus, “Hey,” I know that failure to cut loose tonight will not be tolerated. Tina and I greet them with hugs and smiles and Alice already has two more shots laid out. I grimace as I pick mine up, only to down it when Kelly walks in through the back door. Tina eyes me specutively as I quickly chase it with my beer.

Fuck. She needs to just fade away. I just hope Malcolm and I can pull this off. We just need to get through to Monday. Speaking of Malcolm, he sees where my eyes are and smiles evilly as walks up to Kelly and drapes his arm around her shoulders. She looks over at his hand that’s very nearly rubbing her breast and reaches up to brush it off. It doesn’t budge after several attempts and I laugh. What she’s failing to notice is the quickly placed roofie in her drink. The drink fizzles for just a moment before it disappears, and finally she’s able to dislodge his arm. She eyes him curiously and he holds up his hands in a gesture of surrender as he comes back to the table.

He’s making it very difficult not to like him. He smiles at me and winks and I can’t help but smile and wink back. Tina has been watching this entire exchange and her eyes are bright with knowing mischief. I smile and wink at her as well, as Alice hands out another round of shots. I don’t hesitate this time and the burning sensation is far less than the first. Tina smiles brightly and the rest of them down their shots, slamming the glasses hard onto the table.

Carmen kisses Shane and bounces back to her turntables as Shane scans the crowd with her eyes. I look around as well as I take a sip of my beer. There’s Sam, a slightly staggering Kelly, Ricky, the rest of our friends and several of the actresses and crew from Lez Girls. I spot Begonia up by the front door and we wave at each other.

I look back when Alice hands me another shot but Shane is gone so she downs the extra shot with a disgusted shudder, followed by a sour face, followed by sticking out her tongue. She then downs her own shot and repeats the whole process. I laugh at her and she smirks smugly as she points to the shot in my hand. She leans in close and says, “You can’t keep up with me Porter?” I squint my eyes at her and down the shot in one fluid move. She smiles brightly and I finish off my beer just to further show her up. Her smile turns feral as she pulls the large pan of brownies on the table over, and starts handing everyone a decent sized square. I look to Tina and she shrugs her shoulders as she stuffs the whole square in her mouth and chews with puffed cheeks. I smile at her, glad that she’s relaxing tonight and for once not thinking about donors.

Dana looks high already and smiles revealing all of her teeth and crinkling her nose. Yep, she’s high. She has a large chunk of her last brownie in her teeth and Alice leans over laughing as she helps Dana clear it away. They make googly eyes at each other and it’s just too fucking cute…I’m sure. Alice turns back to me and notices that I haven’t had one and looks to Tina. Tina smiles mischievously at her as she grabs my square and holds it up to my lips. I eye her specutively as I open my mouth and she shoves the square inside.

We hear the music change to the Jackson Five and everyone in the house shouts and starts jumping as they sing the song. Alice grabs mine and Tina’s hands and pulls us into the living room. She climbs up on the sofa and pulls Tina up with her. They start dancing and singing and I smile as I watch. There’s something so sexy about Tina when she gets wild. It’s almost like a preternatural pull for me to want tame her. Dana brushes past me and jumps up there with them, jumping and contorting herself in gangly, unnatural ways before abruptly turning to me and quirking her finger in a come-hither motion. I laugh at how fucking crazy she is when she’s drunk and shake my head. The others notice and do the same and I shake my head more seriously.

They all get disappointed but then smile brightly. I feel a rush at my back as Carmen and Ricky shove me from behind and yank me up on the couch as well. I roll my eyes and gaze at their happy faces only to roll my eyes again. Okay, fine… We all start to dance and sing, and honestly, I feel sixteen, but it feels kind of great, like nothing in the world can touch us and there are no responsibilities to be considered.

The liquor and beer finally catch up to me, and I turn to Tina and speak loudly in her ear, “I have to use the restroom.” She smiles and nods at me and I make my way to the bathroom through the throng of overly excited drunks having far too much fun. I laugh when I see Sam holding Kelly up and making her way to the front door. I shake my head and stumble into the hall, through the bathroom door, and freeze.

Fuck…Shane…no… Shane and Niki Stevens are staring at me with wide dazed eyes. Niki’s right breast is hanging out of her dress and Shane has her hand firmly wedged into the apex of her legs. I stand there for a long moment as Shane pulls away and Niki starts to cover herself. I look to Shane sadly before quietly leaving and closing the door.

I’m not really sure what to do so I stand listlessly in the hallway. Why is Shane self-destructing? Why can’t she just let Carmen in? I don’t know the whole of their relationship or how good or bad it is, but I do know that they love each other. Why do we hurt the ones we love? The bathroom door opens and Shane steps out. Niki doesn’t meet my eyes as she squeezes past Shane and disappears through the backdoor.

Shane looks to me with worried eyes and jerks her head towards the bathroom. I follow her in and she shuts the door. She walks up to me with her hands in front of her in a placating manner and says, “Bette…I didn’t mean to…”

I eye her with exasperation. “Yes Shane, you did.” She drops her hands and her eyes are so piercingly intense that I know what she’s thinking. After all, who am I to judge? “Yes Shane, I’ve done the same fucking thing. That’s how I know that you meant it.” She turns her head to the side and lowers it. “Shane, you’re trying to fuck it up and you know it.” She stares at me again. “Look, if this is what you want to do, I can’t stop you. But I promise you that if you don’t eventually stop this…well, it’s an empty existence to be alone and unwilling to let someone in…”

She walks over to the toilet and sits down, resting her elbows on her knees, and grabbing fistfuls of her hair as she clenches and unclenches her hands. Silence reins for several long moments before she finally says, “Please don’t tell anyone.” She looks up at me pleadingly. “Not even Tina.” I close my eyes. Fuck. “Please Bette…”

How can I possibly deny her this? She’s kept my secrets, supported me, and loved me. I owe her this much…at the very least. But Tina’s my wife, and keeping things from her, especially infidelity, could harm our relationship if, and most likely when, she finds out, especially with all the Kelly bullshit I’m already dealing with. “Shane…” God her eyes are so big and sad. “…I’ll keep this a secret…that’s the least I owe you…but if I think Tina would be angry for keeping this from her…well, you understand?”

She quirks a sad smile and nods her head. “But I promise, I would never tell anyone but her, and only her when I have to.” Her smile is more genuine and she blows out a relieved breath. I collapse back against the wall as the bathroom door opens again.

Tina looks in and says, “Oh, sorry, I was just coming to check on you.” She looks between us with a raised eyebrow. “Is everything okay?”

I meet Shane’s eyes and she doesn’t give me permission. Fuck. Okay Shane. I still love you. I pull all the fake courage I can muster up to my face and wear it as a smile. “Yeah, we’re fine…just needed a little solitude.” I fucking hate lying to her. She smiles and says, “Well, everything’s winding down. I was hoping I might convince you to come home with me.”

Her smile drips with lust and it’s all I can do to make my weak knees hold up my weight. She holds out her hand and I accept it, looking at Shane over my shoulder as she pulls me from the bathroom and a situation I am not in any way emotionally equipped to deal with just now.

Continued in Chapter 7 – This pile of shit has a thousand eyes.

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