Chapter 1 – We don’t know what could happen, hon.

Is it all chance, or is there cause? I’ve never been one to sit and wait and hope that everything falls into place. I’ve always tried to evoke, to make, to do. But the older I become, the more I learn; and though it seems like too much at once sometimes, all of the things we go through, these cruel teachers, they are important to the outcome of choices and chances.

Cruelty is an important lesson in and of itself. There is nothing you can do sometimes, and in those moments words do absolutely no good and actions are fruitless. It’s your heart that will find the will to not only survive, but thrive. You just make a choice, take a chance, and hang on with all the determination you can find within yourself. Of all the lessons and lectures life has given me, that is the most important. And I can tell you with all the conviction of a saint that it’s worth it, no matter what the outcome.

I look around me now as I set our luggage down in the Grand Lakefront Cabin situated in the mountains near Big Bear, and realize that chance and choice are bound together. They can’t be separated. I close my eyes and take a deep breath of the clean mountain air blowing in off the lake, and smile. I smile because I took my chances, I made my choices, and though I was not saved from the cruelty of life, I am well-rewarded.

“Babe, you okay?”

I turn to look into the warm hazel eyes of my life, my wife, my Tina, and before I used to be lost, but now I am found. I see myself shining in the beautiful orbs and know that I am the best me that I can be, and it’s entirely because I took a chance, I made a choice, and I held on… to her.

I smile with all the love I have in me and she returns it full force as she sets our daughter down… our daughter… our Angelica. She’s almost two years old and growing by the day. I watch her adoringly as she clings to her Hammy, the same bear we bought for her while she was still growing inside Tina, and again smile as her wide, innocent eyes take in the new surroundings of our weekend getaway. Everyone says she’s just like me, but she’s kind, and open, and warm, and gentle… she is just like my wife, and everything I’m learning to be. In essence, she is the best of both of us and our lasting legacy.

This is just what we needed. A place away from the city, a weekend alone as we celebrate three years of a marriage that has not only begun to work, but survived the impossible. There is no good reason that I should be given this time, but as I said, I am well-rewarded. We were given the choice, we took the chance, and here we are here together, always together. I take my wife in my arms and kiss her with all the devotion and passion and love I feel for her, these things that are eternal despite the momentary lapses in strength my hands have been capable of. “I love you, T. So, yes, I’m okay. I’m more than okay.”

She lifts an incredulous eyebrow and I reach up to stroke its familiar warmth as I file it away in the large section of my brain devoted to only her. “Thank you for bringing us up here. Some time away, just the three of us, is just what we need before I start work.”

I smile again and lean in to kiss her sweetly. I hear Angie’s sweet, soft voice to my right as she says, “Mama B, Mama B…” I pull away and look to her to see she’s pointing to the large lakefront deck through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows along the common area of the room. I swoop her up in my arms, setting Hammy down on the luggage, and take Tina’s hand as I walk us over to the sliding doors. “We can unpack later.”

Tina smiles at me as we step across the threshold, out onto the deck where I place Angie down. She starts an adorably awkward run for the lake and I pull her to a stop. “Hold on, babycakes.” We came prepared for a day on the shore. I pull her sundress off, leaving her in an adorable purple baby bikini with little white flower prints. Tina removes her shirt and jeans and it’s everything I can do to focus on our child. She was self-conscious about her body after Angie was born, and my insecurities about her physical stability didn’t help anything at all. I wish she could see herself as I do. She’d never doubt how beautiful she is for an instant, especially standing before me in an emerald green two piece that is markedly not baby or cute.

She grins smugly at me and I squint my eyes at her before I decide two can play this game. I remove my tank and jeans. It’s my turn to grin and wink at the raw lust on her face as I reveal my black one-piece with a plunging back and neckline. She grins and I reach down to take Angie’s tiny hand in my own as we start a trek for the sand. “I’m going to go get my camera and the sunblock.” I smile at Tina in response and watch the way her hips sway as she bends and collects our clothes and heads inside. I’m a lucky woman indeed.

I let Angie lead me to the wet sand by the shore and we sit to make a sand castle together. As I shape and sculpt in the temporary clay, I consider this past year. A lot has happened since Angie’s birth. Not only have I regained my balance, I’m no longer scared, worried, or holding on to my guilt. My confidence, my strength, and my awareness have returned; it’s just more tempered now, due in large part to Tina’s help. As terrible as what we went through was, it was pivotal to the life we live now. I’ve learned to relax, to enjoy life. There’s so much of it to live and I choose to take the chance to live it with complete gratitude and a fevered embrace.

“Look!” I follow the pointing of Angie’s excited little arm to see a small schooner slice through the water in the middle of the lake.

I look back to her wide-eyed and innocent face with a smile. “What is that, Angie?”

She grins and I see Tina shining out of her face as she says, “Boat.”

I smile as I tickle her sweet, little partially exposed belly and she giggles. “That’s right!”

As soon as I stop tickling her, true to her childlike nature, she’s already forgotten the boat and turned her attention back to her castle. I smile and shake my head. Definitely like Tina.

I hear the distinctive click of a camera and look up just in time for Tina to snap a picture of my face. She grins at me as she puts a pail with small plastic shovels down next to Angie, and starts to rub sunblock into Angie’s delicate skin. Once she’s nearly slathered our daughter in the thick white cream, only stopping because I laugh, she glares at me before smiling lustily, switching bottles, and crouching next to me to rub tanning lotion into the exposed areas on my own body.

I sigh and grin and continue to build with Angie as her warm hands stroke across my shoulders, neck, and back. Tina has an affinity for my darker skin just as much as I do for her lighter. She insists that I use tanning lotion when we’re out in the sun. I’m not complaining. I enjoy a nice bronze just as much as she does. I just find it ironic how we are so different and revel in those differences, find completion. In full sunblock, she gets a nice burnished glow, but it’s never really a tan, and I love to kiss the small freckles on her shoulders in the summertime. And while we’re not quite at summer yet, it’s a sunny day and this weekend is supposed to be perfect. I might get to see some of the glorious little specks appear before the weekend is through.

She finishes and I turn to her. “Did you need me to take care of you?”

She smiles and says, “No, I took care of it inside.” She settles in next to Angie and starts to help and I can’t contain the rush of joy and contentment that steals through me. My family. I love them more than life or anything else in it. Tina meets my gaze and grins. She knows what I’m thinking, she’s thinking it too. She raises that glorious eyebrow and I tilt my head, puzzled. She chuckles but goes back to helping Angie. Okay, later it is.

“So, are you excited to start work again?”

She stops for a moment and sits back on her haunches as she considers this. “You know, I think I am. You’ve been home so much now that Malcolm’s figured out the basics. I’m going to miss you both, but I want to get out there again.” She grins. “I’m really excited about this new movie.”

I smile back at her. I’m glad that she’s excited. I’m excited as well. It’s funny, while she wants to go back to work, I want to stay home. I chuckle and she eyes me curiously. I shake my head at her and she continues to play with Angie, shaking her own in response. It’s still just so strange how much can change in a person in a relatively short amount of time. Four years sounds like a lot, but really, it’s not. It goes by so quickly, and we truly have come a tremendous way from our break-up.

“Are you excited to be home more?” I chuckle again and she nods her in understanding now before joining me. “You know, Bette, I’d have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it, seen you.” I grin at her. She does see me. She’s proved it for the last year. We’ve hit a few snags, but being open and honest with full disclosure has corrected so much. She no longer says things that hurt me, and I think it’s because she doesn’t even think them anymore. She’s seen the real me, the me I’ve become, and she’s not only accepted it, she’s embraced it.

I snag the camera and snap a few decidedly awesome shots of my two favorite girls laughing together, smiling as I lower the camera. Tina grabs my arm and pulls me closer, holding the camera out in front of us and placing Angie between us as we all lean in together. She takes a few pictures of our truly happy family and I sigh with joy at my place in life.


Tina stands and I lean in and remove the headphones from Angie’s ears, placing a kiss on her dreaming face. Tina comes around and kisses her as well as I stand and turn on her Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. She’s a little old for it, but she loves Little Einsteins, and it gives light to the room in case she needs to use her portable child potty. She’s fully potty trained now, and I couldn’t be more proud of her, just like her grandma Maxine would be. She’s sharp, brilliant even, and her favorite music is Chopin. She and Malcolm paint together to his nocturnes, just like mom and I used to do.

Tina smiles at me as we leave the door slightly ajar and make our way to our room down the hall. Tina steps into the en suite, leaving the door open while she moisturizes, and I stand in the doorway just watching her. I’ve already completed my nightly ritual. I’m ready to cuddle up with her and get some rest. The trip up here was only about two and half hours, but it’s been a big day.

She steps up to me as she finishes and smiles as she takes my hand and leads me to the bed. We lie down and she flips off the lamp. She turns to face me and I scoot up close to her, stroking her smooth cheek with my thumb as I lean in to kiss her sweetly. She sighs as I pull back and smile as she starts to place warm sweet kisses along my neck and throat and chest. I sigh as I ask, “So do you think Angie should have a baby sister or baby brother?”

She leans back and gazes into my eyes as she strokes my face and asks, “What?” I smile again as her eyebrow raises incredulously and a brilliant smile lights her face. A long moment passes as she reads the seriousness in my open gaze. “Really?”

Her voice is so soft and inviting and disbelieving that I can’t help but chuckle softly at her. “I think I am. I’m not getting any younger. Angie’s the right age, and I think we’re solid.”

She chuckles and strokes the curls from my eyes, asking again, “Really?”

I sigh and I can feel the radiant smile reach my eyes. “Really.” She stutters out a happy chuckle and I join her in it before she kisses me. My world has been complete for a long while now, but the utter joy of this moment knocks all of that away with one sweet, warm, excited kiss. Not only does she consider me, she wants this with me, and me only.

She pushes me onto my back and leans up above me to gaze at me. I pull her hair back so I can look deep into the hazel eyes in front of me, so open that I can see the doorway to a thousand churches. I can’t help but thank her. “Thank you, T.”

She chuckles lightly. “You want to give me, us, a baby, and you’re thanking me?” There’s that wonderful eyebrow again. “Thank you, Bette. Thank you for coming back to me.”

I furrow my brows at her in puzzlement. “What do you mean?”

She strokes my face and I can see something coming together in her mind. She knows I see it, and doesn’t hesitate to speak to me. That’s how much she trusts me, how much we trust each other. “Monday, we’re shooting my favorite scene of the whole movie. It’s the last scene…” I chuckle and she snorts delicately. “…I know, shooting the last scene first, but that’s Hollywood… ass backwards.” We chuckle together and she continues. “Anyway, it’s the scene when the lead character finally ends it with her mistress once and for all because her husband has threatened to kill her. Her heart is broken, and she thinks there’s no way she’s ever going to love again.”

I smile at that. “Well, because her mistress was her first love. And everyone always thinks that when their first love leaves.”

She grins knowingly and strokes my hair. “Yeah. You were my first, and I thought I would die.”

I kiss the palm that’s resting against my cheek and say, “I never left you…”

Her grin turns sweetly serious as she says, “Yes you did…but then you came back.” I sigh as I gaze up at her. She’s right and it might hurt to think about if her face wasn’t so radiantly happy as she says, “So, thank you.”

Our smiles grow wider as we look at each other and she finally leans in to kiss me again. It starts sweet and gentle but quickly becomes open and passionate and heated as she strokes my tongue with hers. I reach behind her back and hook my hands on her shoulders as she pulls the buttons of my blue silk sleep shirt apart easily, and kisses each inch of newly-exposed flesh. Her mouth reaches the waistband of my pants and she sits back on her haunches with a smile as she removes them. She frees one leg and softly says, “So, when we get home…” I smile as she frees my other leg and comes back up over me to kiss me again. She pulls back and watches the path her hand makes down my neck and chest as she continues. “…I’m going to get you pregnant.”

My breathing turns ragged as her hand reaches my center and starts to stroke me. I close my eyes and grind my head back into the pillows releasing a breathless “Yes…” as her lips and teeth meet her hand at my middle.

I feel her lips smile against me and her warm breath as she says, “Might as well practice now, anyway.” Her tongue strokes the length of me and I tangle my hands in her honey tresses, losing myself in the euphoria of this moment, euphoric because she loves me; euphoric because she’s making love to me; and euphoric because we’re going to increase the circle of our family.

Continued in Chapter 2 – Fire in the water is the body of our love.

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  1. Love love love this series!!! Please please please put Danish back together!! I love them!! Oh and as a suggestion I think you write Bette’s POV better than Tina’s. Not sure why but Bette just seems a bit more realistic i guess .

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  2. “…grabbing the gun and twisting as hard as I can. It goes off with an explosive ‘BANG,’ and Candace smirks…” – OMG – Never expected that. – This is an amazing story; thanks for all your hard work writing it.

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  3. Oh God! You didn’t really end it like that, did you? I was hoping to read a ‘TBC’ but then I read ‘The End’ and it totally took me aback I almost cried, I swear. Anyway you managed to get me totally intrigued, again(well, I was sure it was gonna happen, since we’re talking about your story). I totally loved it. I will never get tired of your stories. Your way of describing Bette’s thoughts is awesome and I have to agree with TiBetteFan1, you write Bette’s POV better that Tina’s – I think that the talent of a writer shows up the exact moment when the reader feel that sense of melancholic-loss each time they finish to read a story, but at the same time they feel fulfilled. And I have to say you really manage to do that. p.s. Nice Italian, by the way, even if I would say ‘Fanculo queste stronzate’ (: Keep up the great work!!

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    • As another valued author on this site, the fact that you find the time to read and comment on top of your own writing astounds me. Thank you so much for being so fucking awesome and a valued member of this community.


      • It’s a pleasure, for me, to have the time to read your stories. Let’s say that when I see a new installment posted by you, I leave everything behind me and I totally immerge myself into it. It’s a drug. And I am absolutely flattered to hear you defining me as a ‘Valued author’ since I am way too far from that. It really make me happy and honored. – Talking about ‘Bette’s POV’, in my opinion, it may be a subjective thing. I love Bette’s character. She’s full of passion, love, anger. Her being is characterized by a lot of feelings and emotions. She’s always been a very complex character and I think that you managed to describe the real Bette in your stories as well. Let’s say that I prefer her POV’s, just because she is my favourite. So I am biased. And the fact that you managed to write her thoughts in the bestest of the ways, made me fall in love with her character even more. I hope to read another story in Tina’s POV though, since I have to say that you wrote both of them splendidly. In fact, just like you said: ‘I achieved the goal of making sure that their POV’s felt different’. And that’s how it should be. This way we won’t have just a ‘written thing’ without any emotion and distinctions. We will have two different persons whom are talking to us, and telling us their stories. I will never stop to thank you for this awesome journey you’re taking us on.

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  4. Wow this feedback has been enlightening! Can either of you explain why you like Bette’s POV better than Tina’s? I’d really like to know! It’s intriguing to me! Thank you all so much for your kind words and for letting me know your feelings. It helps so much to know what your reactions are. Keep it coming as you read and thank you all so much!


  5. Noooo! Bette can’t die now! This story is beautifully written. I would say that I feel more emotion from Bette’s POV than Tina’s. Not that Tina’s isn’t emotional. Maybe because the story started with Bette’s POV and I attached to that first. Your writing is wonderful and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. This one left me trembling and sick to my stomach. Funny how deep I am drawn into your story. Well done and please hurry back!

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  6. Wow! You kids are really bummed out! You obviously have no faith in me… smh My rating dropped from five stars to three from my last comment to this one, and I’ll be honest, I evil chuckled, seriously, out loud. You guys are going to kick yourself in the ass when you see what’s happened, and I expect a full apology in the next installment. Ungrateful, the lot of you! *indignant huff* 😛 Rad – Thank you for letting me know that it’s the emotion that sets Tina and Bette apart. I tried very hard to make Tina more balanced where Bette is overflowing with feelings that she pent up for years. While this reaction wasn’t my intent, it at least shows that I achieved the goal of making sure that their POV’s felt different. This makes me exceedingly happy. I’m glad you feel drawn in. Now all of you, have a little faith. Sheesh! *hugs*


  7. For me, there’s a few reasons why I think you write Bette better than Tina. Bette seems to be a lot closer and in touch with the rest of the group than Tina. It almost seems like Tina is unattached from everyone. Also, I aggree the emotional factor is also missing. That also goes along with the unattached feeling. By the way I love seeing Bette and Alice fight and make up. Not sure why but just thought I’d mention that. Oh and for the record I knew this wasn’t the end because I would have to hunt you down lol. Such a great story though update soon! OH and thank you for not killing Dana. Danish FTW! 🙂

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    • Thank you for further clarifying. I don’t want Tina to feel more detached as that’s not the case, but she is less emotional than Bette, at least in my world. I think part of that is we don’t see her interacting as much, she only got one installment. This feedback is invaluable to me, so thank you! It helps tremendously.


  8. Are you fucking kidding me? lol save Dana, kill Bette? Tough choice…I have faith in you so please come back to us and save Bette. Please, oh please, Dr. Vaginawig. I beg you…we have the technology. In all seriousness, I apologize for not commenting recently. I’ve been extremely busy trying to catch up on the last oh, 217 pages or so. Also, I’m glad you spared Dana. I always hated her dying in the show and I know Ilene Chaiken said it was her biggest regret regarding the L word. Although, I believe the statistic is something like 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime so with a number like that it seems plausible that one of the girls would experience it. I also think it gave some added visibility to the cause, especially as the show quickly garnered a huge lesbian following. So thank you for Dana. On another note, I wanted to comment on the negative responses you’ve been getting. I think your new motto would be enough to sum up my advice to you. Also, I think readers sometimes want drama when they think they want rainbows and butterflies and too often they lose sight of the authors entire purpose. I know for me writing has always been a way for me to process emotions I have about a show or things going on in my life. Thankfully most of the feedback I’ve received has been very thoughtful and as an avid reader I always hope my comments come across as gracious and thoughtful. I remember myself and a few other members from this site were asked to send our thoughts about the show to showtime. Our comments were included on the season 2 DVDs. I think I was 22 at the time, but even then what I took to heart from the show was that everyone faces trials and tribulations throughout their life. It doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful, talented, financially secure, or have limitless opportunity, at some point you will be faced with an obstacle that will threaten to break you. For me, writing, as well as reading, has always been a way to accept and understand that I can’t always control things, but I can control how I am affected by them. I think it’s easy for readers to forget that. So thank you for your work.

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    • Thank you for having faith and for your insightful feedback. You’re absolutely right, mistakes are with you for life regardless of how good a person you become. I couldn’t have killed Dana if I had wanted to, but that doesn’t mean life isn’t something fought for and earned. Thank you for speaking up!


  9. Ha…I knew the THE END was just a ruse, because you said in the update before this one that there would be 2 more updates. I wish that I could rate yours and BenMac.s current stories a 10. I don’t wish to take anything away from the many other authors who contribute stories for us, but these 2 really stand out as exceptional. I have enjoyed your story so much and have looked forward to these awesome updates. You transmit the characters emotions so well. I bow to your talents and am patiently awaiting your next update.

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    • You’re perceptive. Previous comments and the AN should give people the information needed to know when this is over, it never really hurts to poke people a little though. *evil chuckle* Thank for the wonderful words and encouragement, it keeps me focused and moving forward.


  10. Everyone – I appreciate this feedback and clarification so much! These comments and some PMs I’ve gotten have helped me to clear up some of the things that I was struggling with for the next installment. Thanks so much for that and for taking the time to tell me your thoughts and feelings! It means the world to me, truly.


  11. I need to say one more thing: Comparing me to BenMac is a HUGE compliment. I’ve only read one other story on this site before it had a huge shutdown, and that was her H+ series. I feel remiss that I’ve been writing so much that I haven’t read anything else since it’s been up and running again, but I can’t think of better encouragement, though I’m not sure how she’d feel about being linked to me. lol Thank you all so much. Your words have touched me greatly…


  12. I do love this series indeed but I must say I was not too happy with the ending. It seemed awfully cruel and jolting. Now I believe that you were yanking our chains so to speak and look forward to what you have in store for us next. Your talent and ability to engross your readers is amazing.

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    • It is cruel and jolting, the lengths people will go to when they’ve been wronged and then tormented in that feeling, ie Carmen’s family. But it’s necessary to what I’m trying to accomplish. Just hang in there peeps. Hold fast hope…


  13. My goodness, mercy me!!! What an awesome installment to this fantaswtic story. I just don’t have the words right now for this chapter. This one has taken me to the heights and to the very depths of grief and brought me back again. You are a superb writer and you do understand your characters quite like no other. And yes, you should be compared to BenMac, you both are awesome writers and I love the work that you both give us. You are writing about the same two women but your stories are so diverse which is absolutely wonderful. You always bring us a loving story that brings them back together to the one love that conquers all and is eternal. Their chemistry is so great that I can’t and don’t want to see them with anyone else, ever. Wish they could be together in real life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Thanks for sharing. Loved the chapter, HATE candace, damn her time. Hope she goes back to her vehicle and kills herself just not in their house. Sometimes people that have been wronged or feel as they’ve been wronged are so dangerous and you don’t know when and where they will show up. She’d better kill herself because Kit, Malcolm or Tina certainly will. Maybe even Alice could be counted in the mix. Thanks.

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    • “Hope she goes back to her vehicle and kills herself just no in their house.” That cracked me up. lol I’m still laughing. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I took great pleasure in writing the last part of this installment; you’ll see why in the next one. I too, never could see TiBette separate in the show. Like Bette said, their connection was just too strong. I don’t like Candace either, and you’ll see that in the next installment. Everyone – Keep in mind that the next is the last, except for one giant ass epilogue. I just finished the outline and this one may take some time, but I hope to post by next Friday, if it won’t hurt my Beta. Poor dear. Everyone clap for JP22. She’s amazing! Thank you again for referencing me to BenMac; she’s fucking rad… and I hope she knows it.


  14. Mad props to JP22 👏👏👏❤ and all who help Vaginawig in bringing us this incredible story! I have faith in you and maybe this is all a dream? Anyway, I also wanted to give kudos on the Ming and Malcolm pairing as that is perfect. Glad Tom got over himself and made amends. Love that Dana is recovering and I am with everyone else on Dana and Alice getting back together. Although on the show I liked Alice and Tasha, but with Dana around they should be together. Again, I really appreciate the work you put into this amazing story and like one of my fellow readers stated, you and BenMac bring the bomb! I get so excited when I see one of you vas posted that I want to call off work and stay home to devour your next installment. 😉

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    • lol! Don’t miss work! I’m not worth it. Thanks you for telling me what you want to see and the compliments. You’re awesome for loving on JP22. She’s pretty fucking awesome, just like BenMac. Thanks so much for taking the time, my friend. It’s very much appreciated! Bette0 – I’m flattered. I’m not demeaning your individual contribution, but to me, all the authors are valued. We give up time for free to write and entertain people. The readers are valued as well, very much so. But taking the time to do both write, and read, I haven’t managed it. lol I’m honored by your words and appreciate your feedback. I don’t think I like Tina or Bette better, but I think most like Bette the most. Thanks so much for being honest and letting me know how you feel. Everyone – I don’t know if any of you are writers, but if you are, speak up! I’d love to hear your stories or how you process your work. Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment. It really touches my heart, sincerely!


  15. Love how you post the entire story at one time. Love your insight into the characters, and how you so effortlessly seem to bring them through life and it’s challenges. Now about the ending, hopefully Candace is dead and Bette just ripped open he incision fighting with Candace and then passed out from pain and blood loss. PLEASE POST SOON!!!

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  16. You know waiting for an update on this fic is like waiting a week for your favorite tv show! It may be the death of me (but then i couldn’t read the update lol) I know I commented five times but can I just say again how much I love this fic! 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

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    • Don’t apologize! I’m glad you guys are involved! I like talking about the stories with you guys! I’m about four chaps in of about 14 now, and while I’m hoping to be done by Friday, this one has a lot of technicality, so bear with me and thanks so much for being involved! I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am! 😀


  17. What a treat!!! Thank you for posting. I know you will make that ending right I trust you. I know you won’t kill Bette or Dana. That would just be cruel and I know you’re not cruel. I’m glad tom came around and I had a feeling he was the donor before I even read it. I like the love Tina is showing Bette the way she was totally there for her during her whole pregnancy. Oh there is so much to comment on but I will sum it all up by saying this story is AMAZING! Thanks again for posting.

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    • Thanks for commenting and the very encouraging words. No I don’t try to be cruel, but life certainly can be. I loved writing Tina for this one, just loving and doting on Bette. Stay tuned!


  18. Your writing is amazing and brilliant but the ending was a shock to my system. How did Candace get into their home? It was totally unexpected and a bit unrealistic to me.. I never got the impression that Candace was mentally unstable. I thought Jodi was far more crazy than Candace. Since your writing is so exceptional and you obviously put so much effort into your writing, I am willing to dispense w/reality and wait for the next part of the story. I like how you write both main characters but the story is written from Bette’s POV as if she is narrating her life. I find her narration to be mesmerizing. Tina’s interactions w/Bette are inspiring. Your writing is just so damn phenomenal.

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    • I appreciate your feedback, as well as your kind words and encouragement. I will humbly ask that you look back on this story, not the show, and ask yourself again, “Is Candace unbalanced in the extreme?” In the show, no, she seemed to move on from Bette just fine. But in this story, I think she’s proven her inability to do so. There are also other motivators I haven’t revealed yet, so hang in there. As to how did she get in, it’s not very hard to break and enter. I think that’s why mostly idiots do it. One broken pane on the back patio door and she could have come right in. As to being willing to suspend reality, I’d say that makes me a little sad. I don’t wish for people to resign themselves to reading my stories just because I’m decent with grammar, but thems the breaks I suppose. Thank you again for taking the time to read, your encouraging words, and humbling feedback! 😀


      • I said that I was suspending reality b/c your writing is exceptional. It has depth, nuance, intelligence, humor and empathy plus excellent grammar which is to be praised not minimized. It reads like a book. It deserves a rating of 10 stars. 🙂

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        • Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate that you’d be willing to to do that because you enjoy my stories so much, I just hope it’s not necessary. I’m working on the final one now. Hang in there with me, and thank you for the honest feedback. I truly do appreciate being challenged. It helps me tremendously. 😀


          • I also love, love, love that you immediately comment in this section rather than wait for the shout outs in the following chapter, section, etc. I appreciate the immediate feedback/dialogue with readers.

            Liked by 1 person

  19. azmama – I think it’s only fair that if you give me the feedback I ask for, that you get a response. I’m happy for the open dialogue. Not only does it help me to process and fully glean information from your feedback, but it’s fun for me to dissect the story and characters with you. Thank you again for taking the time and thanks to everyone else as well! It really is appreciated.


    • I am now rereading your previous portions of this saga of Bette and Tina and their crew. Reads just as beautifully as the first time. I am overwhelmed by your skill and talent. Mad Ups to you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am flattered that you’d take the time to re-read such a lengthy saga. I hope you can read fast. The new one will up soon. 😉 Thank you for the encouragement and I hope you enjoy the second read. ^5


  20. Omggggggggg Noooooooooo that damn Candace, I never suspected she would come back, I just love this story it gets more interesting…..I hope everything works out I feel bad Tina is stuck with 3 kids right now omg I love this story can’t wait for the next part

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked it and the next part is almost done. Thanks for reading and commenting. Everyone – The next story is going to be two parts. I should be posting no later than Wednesday. Thanks for staying tuned! See you on the flip side.


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